The Exciting Doctor’s Note

A woman doctor writing a doctor's note.
A woman doctor writing a doctor’s note.

An exciting get out of jail free card that is becoming increasingly common is the fake doctor’s note. This note allows one to get out of all sorts of events. Of course, the fake doctor’s note must be made well enough to avoid suspicion. But after the suspicion is passed, one can enjoy the many benefits that a fake doctor’s note can provide.

Get Out of School With a Fake Doctor’s Note

The first common application of fake doctor’s notes is getting out of school. There are a plethora of reasons to get out of school, as students know. Among some of the biggest reasons include late homework or lack of studying for big tests.

Use a a fake doctor’s note as an excuse to leave work early.

But as school is commonly associated with elementary or even high school, college students have found that a fake doctor’s note can become their next best friend. Many classes demand that attendance is exemplary. In most college level classes, points are even taken off for tardiness or absentees. To get around this cut in a college student’s grade scale, they can simply turn in a fake doctor’s note and claim it was beyond their control to make it to class on time.

And although college students can get a huge break from college regulations, it is important to know that there are certain risks involved. For instance, some classes demand that students be present for finals or certain tests. Without their presence, some professors can force the student to take a failing grade for not being present on test day.

For this reason, it is important to students to ensure the day they are being absent is not critical to their grade, and that he work can be made up. If the student is getting a failing grade anyway, there is obviously no point in a fake doctor’s note in the first place.

Other reasons for students include avoiding bullying, embarrassing blemishes or sores that they do not want others to see, avoiding a boring field trip, or even avoiding boring assemblies and seminars. These reasons seem more menial than the fore mentioned reasons, and that is because they are. But that doesn’t stop students from demanding a day off school every once in awhile for embarrassing reasons or to avoid especially boring assemblies or even bullies.

Legit Reasons for a Fake Doctor’s Note in The School Environment

But as we’ve been discussing the dark side of fake doctor’s notes, there is a good side too. Some parents are too busy in the morning getting ready for work to write a parental note to the school. Often, notes from the parent can count just as good as a doctor’s note. In this case, a fake doctor’s note will come in handy as the student will have nothing to show for being absent. And since some classes demand a doctor’s note the next day, this could put the student in a predicament indeed.

Final Thoughts on Fake Doctor’s Notes for School Use

A fake doctor’s note can do wonders for a student in many applications. Just be sure that the doctor’s note looks legit and doesn’t look suspicious. Also be sure to not use the doctor’s note every time something happens or goes wrong as the school may become suspicious of multiple fake doctor notes. Following these tips will ensure the perfect free day that every student deserves every once in a while.